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<![CDATA[Star Award winners 2017 - Lifteffects Organisation]]>Fri, 07 Jul 2017 14:03:19 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2017/07/star-award-winners-2017-lifteffects-organisation.htmlPicture
This year Star Award winners at the Lifteffects organisation conference June 17th 2017. 

Words cannot even express how grate we all are winning the Star Award including 97 women impacting the nation locally and globally. Thank you Sandra Nelson and the team.

Having a dream and passion is one thing, putting it into action and staying humble is a whole challenge which makes you become the real you.

Jules Bwoma, Carmel Britto and Anaya Kamara amongst winners.

<![CDATA[Anaya Kamara won Haidresser of the year Women4Africa awards 2017 - representing Sierra Leone]]>Wed, 14 Jun 2017 10:53:37 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2017/06/anaya-kamara-won-haidresser-of-the-year-women4africa-awards-2017-representing-sierra-leone.htmlPicture
Thank you Women4Africa organisation for this beautiful award Hairdresser of the year 2017 at the prestigious Kensington Town Hall. I was up against Jamaica, Nigeria and Sierra Leone won. This award is dedicated to the fathers, brothers worldwide and the AHB team.

We are looking forward to launching programs for fathers who wants to learn simple braiding skills for their daughters and also giving back to our community via Alpha Saba Kamara Foundation, empowering the next generation in using their skills to make a difference and impacting Africa and the World.

Award presented by Zimbabwein Top Fashion Designer

<![CDATA[‘Women4Africa Extraordinary Gold List 2017]]>Wed, 08 Mar 2017 16:52:06 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2017/03/women4africa-extraordinary-gold-list-2017.htmlPicture
In honour of ‘International Women’s Day’ 8th March 2017, Women4Africa™ have released its ‘Women4Africa Extraordinary Gold List 2017’ which comprises of all of its 2017 Finalists and Recognitions.

Every year Women4Africa celebrates a plethora of outstanding women and youth so this year see’s the 2nd Edition of its ‘Extraordinary Gold List’ which features yearly.

The REAL gold of Africa is its ‘Women’ and what better way to celebrate them.

We celebrate you amazing women as you #BeBoldForChange

See full list here http://www.w4ablog.com/women4africa-celebrates-its-2017-recognitions-finalists-for-international-womens-day/ 

We made it on the list !!!!!

<![CDATA[African Entrepreneurs Awards UK 2016 - Winners Slaying it]]>Fri, 16 Dec 2016 11:55:59 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/12/african-entrepreneurs-awards-uk-2016-winners-slaying-it.htmlPicture
Thank you Frances Kay, we are so pleased to win Hair & Beauty Award. Well done team AHB.

AEAUK 2016 Winners

Celebrating with others, 

<![CDATA[Starr Radio UK Interviews Anaya Kamara Entrepreneur on The Journey so far]]>Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:46:19 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/10/starr-radio-uk-interviews-anaya-kamara-entrepreneur-on-the-journey-so-far.htmlPicture
An interview with Starr Radio UK on how I rise from the ashes into becoming an unusual Entrepreneur in my own right and impacting others.

Anything is possible as long as your put your mind into it with strong belief and extreme determination.

Anaya Kamara Entrepreneur

<![CDATA[U.K R.E.E.B.A Awards 2016 Stepping Out of Comfort Zones to Impact The World - CEO and Founder Ms Che Ann]]>Thu, 13 Oct 2016 13:39:24 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/10/uk-reeba-awards-2016stepping-out-of-comfort-zones-to-impact-the-world-ceo-and-founder-ms-che-ann.htmlPicture
The United Kingdom Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards known as R.E.E.B.A has made history on the 24th September, 2016; with the celebration of various individuals who are using their passion and talents to make a difference in the community both in the youths and adults arena.

Gbedu magazine reveals that the Boss Lady, Founder and visionary of the REEBA organisation, Ms Che Ann, and her team of talented ambassadors, appreciated REEBA award winners; Martin Stevens and Anaya Kamara.

She opined that her vision is to recognised those individuals who steps out of their comfort zone in doing what they love to do and yet impacting others and making a difference.

The event opening was unique in its nature as the Councillor of Upper Edmonton Ward, Enfield Patricia Nkechi was awarded for her work in the community and the lives she has touched.

Consequently, Jackson Ogunyemi know as Action Jackson who happens to talked a student down from Stratford Station roof as seen on the news and news papers was also awarded for his contribution to the community as youth worker and motivational speaker driven by love.

The awards was hosted by Dr Dickson Aleroh and Cathy Ballard, both mentors and change making Entrepreneurs in their fields.

The Deputy Mayor of Southwark Councillor Charlie Smith, who gave a brief speech about not giving up on your dreams, showing the guests on board his beloved Southwark landmark on the river thames. He also presents the awards to the adult winners as their names were read with so much excitement, appreciation and congratulated them.

The Young Mayor of Lewisham Emmanuel Olaniyan, also pesents the awards to the youth winners, encouraging the younger generation that dreams are possible.

Ms Che Ann is a unique visionary leader that runs her organisation in style, and the refreshments for the day were made available as the Deputy Mayor of Southwark cut the REEBA cake in celebrating 4 years of recognising young and adults leaders in their own right making a difference.

Read more at http://www.gbedumagazine.com/uk-r-e-e-b-a-historical-awards-stepping-out-of-comfort-zones-to-impact-the-world/#r82p9bv1P8Dk9Vtz.99

<![CDATA[Alpha Sisters Hair Care Product as featured on C.Hub Magazine]]>Tue, 04 Oct 2016 11:15:20 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/10/alpha-sisters-hair-care-product-as-featured-on-chub-magazine.htmlPicture
Alpha Sisters Hair Care Product now featured on C.Hub Magazine, click on link to read more, signed up for offers etc, place your orders ( FREE DELIVERY in UK, other countries requires postage fee) and leave some reviews. Thank you :)


<![CDATA[Alpha Sisters Total Hair Care Oil is here!!!! Brand New Product on E- Shop]]>Mon, 29 Aug 2016 10:34:11 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/08/alpha-sisters-total-hair-care-oil-is-here-brand-new-product-on-e-shop.htmlPicture
Your total solution to all your hair care needs is here. Alpha Sisters hair care line is your one stop product that restores irritated scalp disorders, damaged hair, brittle, dehydrated, sensitive, painful or tense scalp, split ends, dull and weak here, frontline and hair loss restoration.

Formulated by AHB Team and tested on 30 clients over a 7 months period. Must be used as a treatment and blend in your conditioners for home use.

Get yours today!!!!

<![CDATA[Exclusive Interview with LR organisation. Loretta Reveals.org]]>Thu, 07 Jul 2016 13:17:48 GMThttp://anayahairandbeauty.com/1/post/2016/07/exclusive-interview-with-lr-organisation-loretta-revealsorg.htmlPicture
Who am I? The Anaya Kamara Story - https://t.co/UxZNp5XHFV

Thank you team LR for the interview on the journey so far.

I'm truly grateful for everything. The team and myself are ready to mentor and inspire others.

AHB Team