Top model Kadiatu Kamara from Sierra Leone is about to make her mark in the Fashion world and we wish her success in her career. AHB Team



04/29/2014 12:08pm

What a beauty.... well done AHB for the updates.

04/29/2014 12:09pm

I'm loving her skin.


She is a beauty with beautiful skin and facial features. She has done some great work as a model and now I wish her the best of luck in future endeavors. We must also congratulate AHB on the great work that they have done. Keep us posted with the updates.

10/09/2016 11:02pm

I saw her on some magazine covers... she's very beautiful girl! Hope she'll be wide known in this industry!

04/03/2017 5:29am

What do I need to do to be famous as Kadiatu Kamara? I'd love to listen to her success story,.

05/11/2017 1:50am

This is just a proof that you can only find a pearl in the deepest part of the ocean! Kadiatu Kamara from Sierra Leone is about to make a difference in the world of fashion. She is really beautiful in my opinion. I am hoping to see more of her because I can see a huge potential in her! I know she'll be successful and the world is going to be her runway!


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