Mastering the work of art with client Dolapo. This technique was created using Xpressions hair extensions in a corn rows like manner with strands of extensions left out to create a weaving look whilst corn rows are concealed. 

AHB Team



John Jones
06/03/2014 8:51am

This is very nice. So elegant

01/04/2018 11:08pm

I love the fact that you are not stopping in terms of exploring different hairstyle you can offer to your clients. That is one of the reasons why many people love you and your talent; it's because you are not settling for what is good, you always aim for what is the best! That's a good thing. This is a good hairstyle, though I can feel that there are couples of improvements you can make for this one. Tree braids is kind of challenging to make, but girls would always desire to rock it!

07/12/2014 4:53am

This is so fabulous. Well done AHB

02/25/2015 4:06am

Your tree braids are very nice.... African Queen....

zainab kamara
02/25/2015 4:08am

I will love my hair to be done soon. Its so cool on the client. Elegant. On point Lady Anaya

02/25/2015 4:09am

Waw what a piece of artwork..... Very creative.

Mike Myles
02/25/2015 4:10am

This is awesome and looks great. I wish I had hair to try these wonderful art work.... Smiles

Amrita Patel
02/25/2015 4:14am

I loved it. Can I get it done on Asian hair? Thanks

08/27/2016 12:11am

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08/31/2016 2:43am

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09/21/2016 10:48pm

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10/04/2016 9:31am

Wow! Looks really amazing. I hope to have the same hairstyle, when I'll get marry. But now I just try to find fiance, using maturedatin. And I feel, my live is close.

10/25/2016 9:22pm



I see a master hand! This is a really good example we all should orient for.

04/26/2017 5:26am

Really very impressive and interesting tips I ever seen here with great and helpful tips always with tree braids with lovely D. I have got better and interesting tips always about better hair styles and makeup.


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