Client was extremely pleased with added hair pieces to give length and volume. 

Alina's quote " I feel very natural and happy with the add on pieces. It feels flat on scalp and no tension or redness. Thumbs up Lady Anaya"



mary Jane
02/24/2015 1:43pm

I admire your work. Beautiful extensions.

02/24/2015 1:48pm

Very lovely and natural.

lorraine Jones
02/25/2015 4:04am

Brilliant tracks, waw it's amazing..... Well done AHB

Jo Manny
03/01/2015 8:01am

Amazing hair

Oratile Moloko
03/01/2015 8:03am

Amazing hair.... Great work

07/20/2016 11:26pm

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This is very nice to know that you people do adding of hair pieces and increase the volume of hair. I am looking for this of treatment for my hair and you helped me in that. After reading quote of client I got confidence that this adding pieces don`t give different look to my hair and it will completely mix with my natural hair.

08/18/2016 7:01am

Now a days this business become very great and people are doing this on different level. I'm also thinking to start this as well and finding a shop nearby my home. After check the shop i will plan further.


Excellent work. Don;t you think of open a class to teach? This would be wonderful.

07/19/2017 12:55am

This is very informative blog for me I really happy after read all this hair style. I need some more post like that...


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