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01/18/2016 12:32pm

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04/06/2017 2:37am

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06/20/2017 6:15pm

I love this idea of having diversity even in the hair. Nowadays, the acceptance towards diversity in race, color, and nationality has been evident. Although there are still cases of racism, I am still proud that many people have stood up to these bullies and started to accept people for what they are. I think this is a good project because there are still people who sees hairstyle as a basis of a person's personality which is wrong because it has nothing to do with their attitude at all. It's just the way they want to do their hairstyle.

08/15/2016 12:06pm

I have seen much of your work that you keep on sharing on your site and I must say that your work is very creative. Hairs add up to the beauty of a person and a little change brings about an exponential change in one’s personality.

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