Young widow at 24 with 21 months old son.

Since April 2015

We aim to support their education, welfare and mentor their talents. To donate anything from your heart just click on the link below. We appreciate your kind gesture.

Support the launching of Alpha Saba Kamara Foundation. Our mission is to mentor, nurture and support the next generation and elderly in using their skills and talents by applying faith in action so they can give back to the nation and beyond.


Young widow always feel much troubles so government should make special arrangements for them to care them and their babies. In some cases they suicide and kill their kids also that is really bad.

10/04/2016 4:03am

I'd like to support her too! It's so important to study for kids!

Anaya Kamara
10/04/2016 5:50am

Feel free to follow the donation link and donate. Thank you

04/03/2017 5:19am

Do you still accept the donations? Or the campaign is closed?

05/14/2017 7:17pm

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