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Mariama Jalloh
10/06/2016 1:50pm

Amazing product, my scalp is very less sensitive now and my hair line is coming back to it's full glory. My Afro hair is so soft these days since using alpha sisters hair care product. Thank you Anaya hair and beauty


Thank God I stumbled on this website. My parents are having a hard time growing their hair. I've been searching the internet for remedies and I happen to see this post. I will recommend this product to my parents and I will get back to you if there are improvements. I hope this will be effective.

Anaya Kamara
10/13/2016 4:39am

Thank you and yes they are very effective

02/02/2017 1:38am

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To be very honest none of them is looking like a star. We all know that makeup have the ability to make the ugly looking person the star of the page. And I suppose that same holds true in all of these ten guys. Because they don’t have any look similar to those. This product id best for our hair.


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12/05/2016 6:53am

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02/02/2017 10:26pm

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12/20/2016 5:20am

What a great blog. Its inspirational and mouthwatering all at the same time.

02/02/2017 12:35am

Alpha Sisters Hair Care oil Unisex looks extravagant. This is eye catching, especially the model is curly hair. By the way I also have a curly hair that is one of the reasons that this catches my attention. I love the ingredients, these products possess. I will definitely purchase this because products like this should never be disregarded.

02/03/2017 10:59pm

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02/05/2017 11:31pm

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02/07/2017 10:35pm

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02/08/2017 10:24pm

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02/12/2017 11:28pm

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02/15/2017 12:25am

Great post, good to know that Alpha Sisters Hair Care Product have been featured on C.Hub Magazine. I am so looking forward to make my first Alpha sister product purchase, pretty excited.

02/17/2017 1:37am

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09/22/2017 6:21am

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