In honour of ‘International Women’s Day’ 8th March 2017, Women4Africa™ have released its ‘Women4Africa Extraordinary Gold List 2017’ which comprises of all of its 2017 Finalists and Recognitions.

Every year Women4Africa celebrates a plethora of outstanding women and youth so this year see’s the 2nd Edition of its ‘Extraordinary Gold List’ which features yearly.

The REAL gold of Africa is its ‘Women’ and what better way to celebrate them.

We celebrate you amazing women as you #BeBoldForChange

See full list here http://www.w4ablog.com/women4africa-celebrates-its-2017-recognitions-finalists-for-international-womens-day/ 

We made it on the list !!!!!



03/10/2017 11:53am

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03/11/2017 5:56pm

I'd like to express my gratitude for "Women4Africa Extraordinary Gold List 2017" for honoring and recognizing women with invaluable contributions today. It's fulfilling that we are empowering the women of today instead of belittling their capabilities and capacities. We have fought for our dispositions to be heard. Our basic human and civil rights are now recognized by all. I salute all the brave and courageous women, for they all deserve their places right now.

04/21/2017 7:18am

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07/25/2017 2:07am

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12/08/2017 8:21am

12/24/2017 4:40pm

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